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Victory Sign Company – Official Signage Provider!

OFFICIAL SIGNAGE PROVIDER The Heart of America Athletic Conference HAAC – Fri, Aug. 28, 2015 KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Heart of America Athletic Conference has reached an agreement with Victory Sign Company of Liberty, Missouri as its Official Signage Provider, commissioner Lori Thomas announced on Friday morning. Victory Sign Company, a full service sign and graphics company launched in July 2012, produces a wide range of print goods, graphics, and signage. Victory produces large format printing, vinyl graphics, vehicle graphics and wraps, as well as indoor and outdoor signs, dimensional letters, channel letters and digital displays amongst a host of other items. Victory recently produced all new signage for the Heart that was on display at the Heart Summit and Football Media Day. “We are very excited to partner with Victory Sign Company to continue the improved brand awareness of the Heart,” said commissioner Lori Thomas. “The Heart is also proud to partner with a local business with a passion for promoting student-athletes and our member institutions.” The 12 Heart institutions will have the opportunity to obtain new conference signage through Victory, increasing awareness to the branding initiative the conference began last Spring. The conference will also be looking to produce additional signage and banners to be displayed at all championship events. “We are thrilled to be the first-ever official signage provider for the Heart of America Athletic Conference,” said Barry Holst, owner of Victory Sign Company. “It is really unique for a NAIA conference to have a television …Read More

Trade Show Displays

Your tradeshow display should grab everyone’s attention and draw customers to your booth.  The visual impact of your display can make a strong first impression and communicate your message in a matter of seconds!  This is vital towards attracting people to your exhibit and turning a prospect into a customer.Read More

What Do Your Walls Say About You?

If the answer is ‘not much’ then you might consider enriching your walls in your home or office with your very own custom wallpaper.  Victory Sign Company is offering an exciting new product called HP Wall Art that allows our customers the flexibility to design their own wall graphics. Our HP Wall Art software tool provides realistic visualizations with precise room details. Smart features such as inputting accurate measurements, drag and drop icons for obstructions (like doors and windows), and tailoring where images lie or overlap are just a few of the user friendly functions that make this intuitive software an exciting process.  You can even upload your own personal photos to design your truly custom wallpaper!

A great sign company knows how to manage artwork – file manipulation

Artwork specifications for large format printing such as vehicle wraps, wall murals, banners, window graphics and other types of large format printing are quite different than the artwork requirements for print media and websites. The key to producing high quality prints is having high quality art. There are two different types of artwork with two completely different output outcomes. The first is “vector” art. This is artwork usually created in a program such as Adobe Illustrator. This type of artwork enables you to indefinitely enlarge your prints without losing any resolution/quality. This is obviously a sign makers dream to receive these types of files from clients.

Directional Signs on College/University Campuses are Critical for Student Recruitment

Who ever would have thought that a sign company could help the Director of Admissions at a College or University? If you know your high school graduate demographics, the national graduation rate peaked in 2008. It will continue to decline through 2014. It will not reach the 2008 levels again until 2018. The White/Non-Hispanic demographic declines through 2022 (I don’t have the statistics beyond that). In other words, when the demographics for high school graduates does recover the ethnic mix of students will be skewed heavier towards Hispanics. That is a different population than most colleges and universities have traditionally focused on. So what does this have to do with signs? I’m getting to that, but first I must also point out that some people are predicting that higher education tuition is the next “bust” for our economy. Similar to the mortgage crisis a few years ago. These two factors; less kids and perceived less value, are causing Admissions Directors to lose sleep. Especially, Admissions Directors at our nation’s smaller colleges and universities where 10-15 students that don’t show up in the fall or return at semester break can make a huge impact on their annual budget.

Interviewing Sign Makers / Designers – Victory Sign Company – Kansas City, MO

I’ve been interviewing sign makers/designers for the last two weeks and I’m humbled by their positive attitudes, despite the fact that many of them are currently out of work or are not working in their desired profession (sign making). They all have a story about the good old days of sign making when the construction industry was booming and they were making real estate signs, commercial building signs and residential housing development signs as fast as they could take the orders. Or they were laying vinyl on every vehicle that drove by their shop. They are anxious to find another similar situation and quite frankly I’m anxious to present them with a similar, action packed, booming employment opportunity. One question I ask them all is; What are your greatest strengths? For those of us who hate to talk about ourselves (over 50% of the population is introverted – Quiet, Susan Cain, 2012) we hate interviews, so for me I was glad to be on the “interviewee” side of the table. I was really encouraged by their answers. They said things like, “I’m really patient with clients,” “I’m a quick learner,” “I don’t need a lot of oversight,” “I’m a loyal employee,” “I’m easy to get along with,” “I’m creative,” “I’m always thinking about ways to do things better,” “I’m determined,” and the best answer in my opinion “I’m usually at work 30 minutes early!” I was warned by many of my sign company owner counterparts that sign makers/designers can be …Read More