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Interviewing Sign Makers / Designers – Victory Sign Company – Kansas City, MO

I’ve been interviewing sign makers/designers for the last two weeks and I’m humbled by their positive attitudes, despite the fact that many of them are currently out of work or are not working in their desired profession (sign making). They all have a story about the good old days of sign making when the construction industry was booming and they were making real estate signs, commercial building signs and residential housing development signs as fast as they could take the orders. Or they were laying vinyl on every vehicle that drove by their shop. They are anxious to find another similar situation and quite frankly I’m anxious to present them with a similar, action packed, booming employment opportunity.

One question I ask them all is; What are your greatest strengths? For those of us who hate to talk about ourselves (over 50% of the population is introverted – Quiet, Susan Cain, 2012) we hate interviews, so for me I was glad to be on the “interviewee” side of the table. I was really encouraged by their answers. They said things like, “I’m really patient with clients,” “I’m a quick learner,” “I don’t need a lot of oversight,” “I’m a loyal employee,” “I’m easy to get along with,” “I’m creative,” “I’m always thinking about ways to do things better,” “I’m determined,” and the best answer in my opinion “I’m usually at work 30 minutes early!”

I was warned by many of my sign company owner counterparts that sign makers/designers can be a different breed. All I’ve got to say to that is; the world would be a better place if there were more sign makers/designers in it based on my last two weeks.