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Company History


After working in Corporate America for 25 years it is time to really challenge ourselves to see if we are truly good business people or if we have been hiding behind a large corporate budget for all these years. I will admit that there is some comfort in a steady paycheck, but at our age if we don’t try to build something on our own now, we may never do it. I can’t say that I’ve always desired to own a sign company. In fact, when our business broker first mentioned it to us, we immediately dismissed it. After a few more conversations we began to warm up to the idea because a sign company allows us to do business with any industry/market/vertical that we choose. Most every business around needs some sort of signage and then there are all sorts of special events (athletic, concerts, conventions, etc.) that also need signage. In other words, we can choose the markets that we have a passion for and focus our efforts there! Cool!

We had to start with a name and a logo as you see above. It may look simple, but there are several nuances and meanings woven throughout the design. For instance;

•  The blue and white “V” in the shield is for Victory Sign
•  Blue is my favorite color, also somewhat close to the Royals color to have a Kansas City tie-in
•  The green color represents agriculture which is a market we will focus on
•  The steer head may not jump out at you initially – another focus of our business will be providing signage to the livestock industry
•  The tagline “The Winning Edge” is meant to attract athletic signage opportunities and other competitive events
•  The font style was chosen for the professional look (can’t turn our back completely on the corporate world)
•  The shield represents the “shield of faith” in Ephesians 6:16, this business venture is truly a leap of faith for our family
•  The light in the middle at the top is a symbol of our “heavenly victory” which guides all our actions

Our journey officially started in July of 2012. We have hit the ground running and aren’t looking back. If you want to do business with people that are absolutely passionate about customer service, then we are the sign company for you. We offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee. If you’re not happy then we have failed.